Yewande and Gbenga


Hi guys! Hope you all are doing wonderful!

Today I have this precious couple for y’all to see 😊 here is their story I hope you find them as precious as I did πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Our story

We met at LUTH in 2012.

I had just returned to Nigeria after med school in Ghana and I was super nervous about starting house job in Nigeria. My friend Motun had started at LUTH 3 months earlier so I was going to be β€œperching” with her till I was settled in.

Apparently, she had told all who cared to listen that her flat mate from med school was starting at LUTH and being the hottie that she was, all her (male) friends wanted to see who this new girl was.

That being said, i literally met Gbenga on my 1st day in Motun’s room.

He was very nice and warm and super friendly, but my God! He couldn’t stop talking.

Motun and I literally had to fall asleep before he realized it was time for him to leave.

He kept coming back every single day with chocolate for us, and lots of interesting stories about everyone and everything.

We talked everyday, took lots of midnight walks, but I kept him in the friend zone for the longest time because even though I knew he was catching feelings, he was too chicken to admit it and I wasn’t going to let him have it easy.

After about six months, he eventually summed up the courage to ask me out and I said yes 48 hours after.

It wasn’t always rosy, we had a lot of ups and downs in our relationship but when we both decided to work on ourselves and put God in the Centre of it all, it became perfect.

Four years down the line, (again, four years too late lol) he popped yet another question and I said yes! #FinallyAfolabis (finally!)

The rest is history 😊







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