Post workshop


Hi yall !

Hope your doing good ! Just a quick post … i really DO NOT SUCK at blogging in Jesus name! (changing my confessions lol). Last month I attended  a work shop by New york based photographer, Jide Alakija. We learnt a lot of stuff about composition, lighting and color. Ever since then have tried to implement some of the things he has taught into my work. I have seen a lot of improvement so far, but i still need to practice more.

I had a friend come over for a sleepover a couple of weeks ago, and i threw her behind the camera. “threw” YA GET ;)…. lol anyways here are some of the shots I took.




I think they look great there is still a lot more that needs to be worked on, as time goes on and with more practice I know my pictures will come out more powerful and hopefully impact young men and women in the future. Impact of course as I fellowship with my creator. I believe God is the master artist and he put this gift in me, as I spend time with the master artist, my work would look more like His :).

Thanks for stopping by anyways, please leave a comment below on what yall think 🙂



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