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Sooooo a package arrived in the mail! OUR NEW PACKAGING !!!!! WOOOOP!!!Β  what do you guys think of the new look ?

I’ve been thinking of doing more with our packaging for a while now…Β  I saved a LOT to make this work!Β  I love clean and classic as you can tell from my photographs, so I wanted my packing to have the same look :D!

I used our 3 main colors for everything (grey, white and gold). I hope you like them and I hope our future clients feel special when they receive their packages.



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A Baby Session

Hi yall !

I am so slow with blogging these days because of how many jobs I’m working. It can be a lot of Hassle sincerely lol! But hopefully i’ll get help soon when I get more friends on the #emteam!

Heres are 2 quick photographs of a baby I worked with a while ago πŸ™‚

She was so much fun to work with!

Absolutely loved her ❀



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Dinachi + Onu (Engagement shoot)

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LONG TIME NOOOO BLOG LOL 0_O. I have been super busy for the past few weeks..or months sincerely. My parents were holding a youth program for young people in Lagos, so I have been extremely busy. I wanted to share a shoot I had with this precious couple back in February.

The gorgeous bride to be (Dinachi) came to Nigeria from the U.K for a short visit, and Onuzo was based in Lagos at the time. The two locked eyes and the rest was history. Dinachi was to leave in a short while, So Onuzo jumped at the only chance he had. One date was all he needed to know that she was the one for him. How cool that wall that were made can fall down quickly because of Love πŸ™‚ ….. I wish you heard the story from the authors themselves cus I REALLY SUCK AT STORY TELLING LOL !!! but ill let the photos tell you the story. Long distance really builds a strong soul tie πŸ™‚

They are truly in love and I know these photos captured the reality of their love.Β IMG_0704








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